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1014 South Broadway, Suite 110
Carrollton, Texas 75006

Hours of Operation:
11:00 AM – 4:00 PM MON-SAT

(972) 242-0636

23 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Janie French says:

    Does your restaurant ever donate food for non-profits? I’m looking for a meal to serve 15 high school football coaches (Newman Smith High School Football Booster Club).


  2. Nancy Oswald says:

    Can I make reservations for about 15 people for May 12th. I’m hoping we could be there about 2 or 2:30. Our daughter is graduating from UNT that day. My brother owns Nature’s Gallery and recommended your restaurant.
    Thank you


    • Wonderful World Of Cooking says:

      First of our heartiest congratulations on your daughter’s graduation you should feel proud. Secondly we will be glad to host her graduation party at our place and I will reserve a table for 15, in the meantime if you can please visit our web site look at our party menu and choose a plan and we can then talk in details. Our contact number is 972-242-0636 or email me at


  3. Pat says:

    Our granddaughter enjoys having private little tea parties for the two of us. Do you serve a cream tea or have a tea service for child/adult?


    • Wonderful World Of Cooking says:

      Thanks for your interest, we are only doing Hi-Teas for a group of 10plus and not for small party of 2 unfortunately. We used to do it in the past with the costumes n hats that we used to provide for small kids. But you 2 can still come for lunch and we can still serve you hot teas (different flavors)
      Hope to see you soon
      Wonderful World of Cooking


  4. crystalragland2016 says:

    I am looking for a place to host a bridal luncheon with a set/limited menu on July 7th at 11:30 a.m.. Preferably with a private room. Please contact me with information. Call or email.
    cell # 972-965-2147


  5. Kristen Armstrong says:

    I am on the editorial team of Voyage Dallas Magazine. We write about the hidden gems of Dallas and the surrounding areas – from the best restaurants to the best gyms, salons, photographers etc.
    We’re working on a series of articles featuring interviews with Dallas’s most inspiring entrepreneurs and independent businesses and we’d like to feature you.
    There is no cost involved – but we’ll need to interview either the owner/founder or a.
    I’ll try to send you a separate email as well.
    Kristen Armstrong


    • Wonderful World Of Cooking says:

      Thanks for your message, we can make fresh Peach or Blackberry Cobbler ( 9×13 ) pan that can easily feed 15-20 guests for $34.99 plus tax but unfortunately for right now we don’t deliver, also we need at least 3 hours to make n bake so please keep that in mind.
      Hope I answered all your questions, please call me at 972-242-0636 between 10:30-4:00pm Mon-Sat.


  6. Stephani says:

    You did answer my questions!

    Let me see what I can do on getting someone to pick it up. I live in another state and it’s for a birthday surprise. I’ll get back to you!

    Thanks for your prompt reply!


    • Wonderful World Of Cooking says:

      Thank you for your reply, do let me know if I can be of any help, what I can do is deliver through “uber” ( I don’t know how much would they charge) but send me the address and I can find out how much would it cost, if that you would like. Regards Karim


  7. Marci McLean says:

    I would like to make a reservation for a party of 3 for October 3 at 11:45. Is this how I do it? Didn’t see anything on your website.

    Marci McLean


  8. Stacy says:

    Do you still have the tomato herbed broth that is sooooo yummy? If so how do I go about ordering and picking up some? Also is that the correct name of it? Tomato herbed broth?
    Thanks, Stacy


  9. Marcia Lawrence says:

    Are you still open? (A friend thought you closed. We are looking for a birthday luncheon location for Saturday April 28th.
    Marcia Lawrence


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