Side Items & Beverages

Side Items

Our Famous Salads $4.75
Original Chicken Salad, Chicken Chutney, Spring Chicken,
Tuna Salad or Broccoli Salad per scoop
Spinach Salad or Garden Salad $3.95

Fresh Fruit Salad $5.25
Variety of “in season” Fruit, served with your choice of
poppy seed dressing

Pretzel Salad $5.25
Better than Grandma’s Also in Sugar Free
Flavored Jell-O with Fresh Fruit layered in a Whipped Cream, Cream
Cheese mixed with buttered pretzel crust

Homemade Soup of the Day $4.50 cup/$5.50 bowl

Homemade Cheese-Casserole Bread (2 slices) $2.25

Homemade Chile Corn Bread (1 Piece) $1.50

Basket of Muffins & Sweet Breads $2.75


Any Sandwich on Healthy Wheat Bread $6.50
Any Croissant Or Country Sandwich $6.95
Club Sandwich $7.75
Side of Texas Chili $4.99 cup/$6.50 bowl
White Rice or Mixed Vegetables $1.25

Our beverages include our famous Apricot Iced Tea, Regular Iced Tea, Regular Columbian Coffee, Decaf Hazelnut Coffee, Hot Tea, and soft drinks

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